Why My Kids Think Santa Brings Each of Their Tech Toys

Being a parent, I have always had mixed feeling of my kids believing in Santa Claus. On the flip side, I always wanted them to have the delight of thinking Santa comes down the chimney every year to create them presents. However, I also didn't need them to think they hadn't been good this year when "Santa" did not give them quite a bit of gift ideas. Some years, we simply can't afford a lot of gift ideas. I remember it took a couple of years for people to even purchase a affordable smartphone having a cell phone spy app, so we can keep an eye on our oldest kid. So together, we came up with a compromise that's worked out beautifully for the family. It may work for everybody, too.

The Compromise

All of our youngsters grow up studying Santa. They get to experience those memorable, childhood Christmas memories. However, Santa brings them each 1 tech gift each year. Only one. The remainder of their gifts come from Mother and Dad. Some many years, Santa's gift has been a cheap electronic toy which was available because he was broke that season. Other ages, Santa has come through with iPhones (filled with a cell phone spy app), iPads, the most recent gaming console, or even a new television. My kids not understand what Santa is going to create them. They get to enjoy receiving that gift every year, without feeling as they didn't act well enough for as many gifts as a portion of their friends.

Meanwhile, gift ideas from Mom and Dad often be clothes, toys, board games, or special keepsakes such as decorations. In this manner, they also know exactly what it's like to get personal gifts from their parents. Moreover, they may start a decoration collection that they could use for their own holiday traditions if they get older.

How We Stopped It

Now I understand what you are thinking -- it's not feasible for each family to give their kids high priced electronic equipment. However, let me tell you -- I've been bankrupt around xmas often times, but "Santa" was still able to give them their one tech gift. Usually, I pick at the start of the season exactly what they're getting and start saving up for it. I put a few dollars from each paycheck to a special checking account, which is just used limited to Santa's presents. This money accumulates pretty fast over the next few months, so I'm ready to figure out how much I want to funding for every one of my children' technician gift ideas.

In addition, I focus on earnings and search to find the best prices. Even if you are on a limited budget, it's definitely possible to get your kids some new electronics. Plus, they're a worthwhile investment when you can track what they're doing with a cell phone spy app. You'll have better peace of mind because you can always make sure they're safe. You merely need to be an educated shopper. Prepare yourself to hop on prices and unique sales the moment you see them.

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